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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayer for Daughter , Victoria, aged 14Anonymous001-22-2018
Victoria was born with a Q23/Q23 deletion syndrome which caused her to be globally delayed in terms of development. She is also diagnosed as autistic, low muscle tone, having a low IQ and non-verbal. She has been a quiet child but began to have a voice 3 years back after much praying. Now she is further plagued severe water retention in her fingers and limbs and this as caused her to have sensory disintegration. In order to feel, she peels and tears the skin on her fingers. I have gone through much and sometimes I feel like giving up and sometimes I even dislike her. But I am keeping my hope in the Lord's love for me. I need Him in this fight. I need prayer for Victoria and I to open ourselve to HIs healing for her; to align ourselves with His purpose for her, to rid her of her low muscle tone, the water retention, the speech delay and the autism,to have her cells align themselves with God's purpose and plan, to be completely restored and normal by His Grace. I am grateful for JGLM in providing this door for fellow Christians to pray with me and for me. Thank you very much indeed in telling me that Jesus loves us and remembers us and has not left Victoria behind.
HealingAlan Crouse001-22-2018
Please pray my cancer has not come back and never will. Thanks And God Bless!!!
Holy Ghost healingzenna wilson201-20-2018
my prayer is that i've been a sick women with medical problem and i'am now asking for real power prayer for healing all through my body i really need the holy ghost healing thank you amen.
Urgent healing Anonymous201-16-2018
Please pray for Betty, Kay and Olga they are such sweet little ladies they are my patients and my friends they have cancer and blood problems please pray
Prayer for husband in ICUTanya Goodison101-15-2018
My husband Ken is in ICU diagnosed with pancreatitis.
Please pray also would like to know if there is anyone in Durban who could come to see him in hospital please.
Thank you so much.
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prayer is for healing all through my suffering body.
Healing of Liver and LumgsJanice Orton001-13-2018
Total resturation of liver and lungs
Dissolve every blood clot in his body. Heal his heartCameron Sparks101-11-2018
Cameron is 23 yr old and God doesn’t get glory in him loosing his life to sickness. I come against blood clots in The Name of Jesus. I rebuke them now in Kams body . I command life back into his body inJesus Name
prayer for restoration/healingC Q101-11-2018
Please pray for my hearing as it was determined that I suffered hearing loss in the low tones. Pray that God will restore my whole hearing organ to that of a young child, sharp & discerning. Pray for my eyesight and mind too as they need healing as well.

Thank you