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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Please pray for healing for Mary Jo and Dartagnan. Also, for financial blessings on Bill and Mary Ann. Thank you!
I have been divorced 8 years now. I have four children. I would like to be in a healthy loving relationship. I feel lonely and financially struggling. I want to be a blessing to my children but it's as if I am stretched so thin. Sometimes I want to give up but I love my children so much. I want a happy family. I have been alone and I am so tired
Need HealingJustin Branson111-18-2017
Please pray that god heals my body and mind. I am dying and medical science can\\\\\\\'t help me now. Only a miracle can save me.
Healing for Michael Jr,David(Sherrod),LaVountaElla T.211-18-2017
Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,Giving Praise Honor and Glory to our Heavenly Father. Please continue to pray for Healing Michael Jr, and others who are suffering from mental illness. Today I come to ask you to pray for another beautiful person Lavounta' who is having a difrficult time. He feels that everything is going wrong in spite of his efforts. He grew up being neglected by his parents but he work hard to get past that. He feeling alone and he is also homeless and not knowing where his next meal will come from. He has a new job and was told his paycheck will be delayed because of an error. This only added to his problems. In this season of Miracles and Blessings,Please pray with me for LaVounta',That the Lord will show him his Loving ,mercy,Grace.protection,provisions,and Wisdom. Please pray for David(Sherrod) who is recovering from a gun shot wound to his head. Thank you all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Creative Miracle for Brand New TeethMichelle Ann Linga011-14-2017
Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thank you so much for being there for people to pray. Please pray with me for creative miracle to have brand new teeth. There were instances that the dentists that I went to were not careful in doing dental procedure and so the cause of the teeth problem were not treated correctly. I have also experienced to encounter dentist who take advantage of their patients. Because of that I had to undergo root canal and extraction procedure. I forgive them for the damage they did to me. I can't afford to have dental procedure, correction and treatment. I believe that by God's compassion and grace, my teeth will be made brand new. Thank you very much. Your prayers will be mean a lot. God bless you.
salvation of a friendchris keller011-04-2017
please pray for my friend Ashley to be saved and following the Lord. Amen
Financial Emergency-Intercession PleaseDaniel Daniel011-04-2017
Hello. I just discovered I am overdrawn in my checking account by hundreds. Rent and other bills are due tomorrow. I am panicking and fearful;no idea how these expenses will be paid. A miracle is needed soon-very soon. May HE bring glory to His name through this. Thank you
Mental health Ashok Bhambhani 010-29-2017
Please pray for my mental and physical problems
Urgent Preysr for Healing and DelivranceMartial Parfait MBIANDA110-26-2017

Peace be with you

I live in Cameroon, I'm writing you because I need Prayers for my mother who is extremely sick.

She is actually at the Hospital and is saying that someone took her into a mystic practices.

Since yesterday she is hardly speaking. We please need prayers for her delivrance from that and for God to set her free.

Her name is: GENEWELE NGOZO Marie Jeanne

I believe that Jesus can set her free from that and heal her.

We please need prayers. I'll share updates with you

God bless