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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
urgent - financesSELF for myself002-10-2018
prayers requested that i get 1500 USD
FOR MY COMPANIES TO START WORKINGshimane Moipone002-09-2018
I am kindly requesting a prayer for my companies which I have long registered but not working either iam like tied up to start doing anything on them or something. Now , I request fro a prayer to release them to start working and getting tenders.
Financial blessingshimane moipone002-09-2018
Dear People of God , I am requesting a prayer for a financial blessing to complete my wedding which is just help up by lack of funds to purchase things for the wedding and paying marriage price . Its a very frustrating thing in my life because I am with the women whom I needed to have concluded our wedding her names are Kobamelo Mokgosi.
To get a proper paying jobshimane M.Moipone Moipone002-09-2018
Dear people of god I have ever since struggle to get a proper paying job which suit me well, I am always employed with companies but they request me to work so hard but refuse to pay me accordingly , that always resulted in me leaving those employer after wasting a lot of time. I really wan to work for a white man company not black person coz they have ruined my like so long . Thank you and look forward to receiving your prayer.
To block all witchcraft ino my mother life Anonymous002-09-2018
To destroy all witchcraft send to my mum either from the family or anywhere and send them back to the sender . Her names are Koolatle Moipone.
healing for my mother - urgentAnonymous002-09-2018
I am urgently requesting for a prayer for my mother who is not very well since this week . Her Names are Koolatlhe Moipone. The mother seems to be in pain but we don\\\\\\\'t know what\\\\\\\'s the problem , may you please pray for her healing so that she can recuperate quickly please her situation is not right. Amen
urgentneo new102-09-2018
need miracle -fianance immediately
Complete healingJoseph Dickson202-07-2018
Pray for my wife Liane the doctors say she has hyperthyroidism she has hart rate from 100-105 she has tremors rapid weight loss doctors want to radiate her thyroid but we don’t want that we want a complete healing over her body.
Hyperthyroidism Liane Dickson102-07-2018
Healing of my thyroid. I have a 100/105 heart rate , I have tremors all the time. Loss of strength. I pray for complete healing of my body.
God Reconcile Tom and Amy in Accordance with Your promisesTom F002-05-2018
Dear Lord, please reconcile Tom and Amy in accordance with Your promises. Here I am, I ask in Jesus name