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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
HealingKenneth Leverett Lane004-11-2018
I'am and need of neck and shoulder pain also i'am suffering from stiffness and my neck.
I was engaged, our pastor declined performing the ceremony, told us to "give up our Isaac". I was asked to leave our church and repent for rebelling against authority. My fiancee told me he no longer loves me nor wants to marry me. I am believing God to restore me to my church family through repentance, heal my broken heart, deliver me from depression. Loneliness from separation from church friends. I also feel hopeless about my future & desire to be married.
DeliveranceGrace Makombe204-09-2018
Please for my husband Sulayman Levendahl, for deliverance from his mothers witchcraft that's controlling my husband's mind.Lord please break remove the witchcraft from Sulaymans mind remove it completely make it of no effect Father God I'm asking that let your will be done,not any one else's will but your will my lord.Lord please break every evil plot and plan of the enemy destroy it in Jesus name Amen
new jobneo new004-09-2018
prayers seeking for a new job at the earliest. praise the lord
HealingAthoi Phaomei004-08-2018
Dear in christ I am suffering from pancreatic cancer.according to doctors it has entered third stage.moreover I am financially weak.please do pray for divine healings.
Heal My Broken RelationshipAnonymous004-06-2018
I'm desperately want to get back together with my boyfriend Joey he is fighting to get back together with him. I pray that his mother would contact my mother immediately so Joey and I can keep in touch again. I also want to go out with him on dates again and I also pray that I will go to Cape Cod Irish Village with him in his whole family this summer in August 2nd. I pray that my relationship of Joey will get fixed immediately! Please! And please keep me positive about this request!
Pray for healing in my health
Mouth/throat issuesKerry Ferguson104-05-2018
I am feeling so lost right now, my throat and roof of mouth are tender, and it is getting me down. I don\'t think me stressing about it is helping, and I ask that you please prayer the blood of Jesus over my mouth and throat and over my mind. My faith is amazing when it comes to other people but with my health anxiety I lose my faith, and I know I should not. I thank you and may God bless those that are praying for me. Amen
healingpranjal sing004-05-2018
Kindly pray for me I can't do burp properly for that I am having lots of problem. Burp is not coming by itself , after drinking water also burp is not coming properly. Please pray for me so that it may go well. And also I am having chest pain and gastric problem . Please pray for me to the Lord Jesus Christ so that He may cure me.Please pray for my brother he is studying at Calcutta Bible Seminary, doing BD and this is his final year from 6th of April he is appearing exam. Kindly pray for him so that he do well in his exam and for his health as well.
Healing from Stomach Cancer type 4Anonymous004-05-2018
Pauline has one month to live, we are believing for a miracle in Jesus Name.