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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Prayer for healing my hyperthyroidism Anonymous106-06-2018
Please pray for me, since 2 year I am suffering from hyperthyroidism, it's eating me up, please pray for, now I have pain, am worried and stressed, please help me please, it's a humble request, please help me, pray for me.
Restore My RelationshipAnonymous006-04-2018
I would like my relationship with the man I'm in love with to be restored. I've known him for 11 years now and I would love for us to be together forever. And as long as him and I keep God first in our lives and relationship, it will work out. And I don't know if he's in some type of trouble or not, but a law firm called about him and said that they were going to turn the information that they have in his name and social security number over to the police, I'm just would like prayers that that situation goes away without him being in any type of trouble with the law. (I'll email you all his name)
Healing/financial miracleAnonymous006-04-2018
Please pray for me, my left breast is extremely bigger than my right breast so I'm just asking for prayers that it's not Cancer and I will be healed and bring it back to its original size. I've been scammed out of so much money trying to find a weekly paying work from home job, I'm just asking for prayers that I will find something paying weekly and a financial miracle to start me off with this week. Please pray for me.
Healing for throat refluxAnonymous006-03-2018
Kindly pray for my throat problem. Having pain in left side if throat and tongue. Kindly pray nothing serious problem to develope in throat or mouth. Am a non alcoholic non smoker do not chew tobacco.
Stephs salvation and deliverance Anonymous006-03-2018
Asking prayers for my friend Steph S her deliverance from drugs and never touches them again her salvation that she becomes saved filled with the Holy Spirit god becomes the center of her life a unbreakable anointing on her life she becomes a light to others new godly minded friends her old friends disappear forever a good job successful career peace that surpasses all understanding good decision making skills break all the curses and demonic strongholds assignments and influences shut all the doors a powerful anointing too preach boldly the true word of god a anointing and calling like Kathryn Kuhlman she becomes a powerful voice too the nations in Jesus Christ name please pass Steph's name and needs along to anyone willing to pray for her thanks.
HealingJen Martin006-01-2018
I have a cervical cancer diagnosis mets to lungs. Have for 6 years. Have done many treatments, recently had surgery, has been rough recovery. Cancer cells still there, they want to do more chemo. I don't want to...physically unable to tolerate. Am a Christian. Please pray for my deliverance.
Thank you.
Living a better lifeChristopher Horton006-01-2018
I would love to live out a more unlimited, abundant, prosperous, healthy, wealthy, luxurious, happy, joyful, affluent, flourishing, active, productive, enriching, purposeful, meaningful, spiritual enlightenment, faithful, profitable, wisdom and knowledgeable, fulfilling life for the rest of my days right now.
Healing of my MarriageAnonymous006-01-2018
I humbly request prayers for the healing of my marriage, that the Holy Spirit will speak to my husband's heart and remove any negative thoughts. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill my husband's heart with love for me and lead him back home..in Jesus' name. Amen.
GeneralSunil Kumar006-01-2018
Life seems to have only taken from me. Neither my fate nor my luck favours me. Neither I am completely fit nor do I have anything special in me. My life is not still. So please help me ...
Prayer requestsAnonymous005-31-2018
I have found out a few months ago that I have a kidney failure due to a polycystic kidney disease and my husband, John Daley, left during the hardest time of my life and is now attempting to finalize the divorce. Also, my son, Ruperto Martinez, has the same kidney disease that I have

I would appreciate prayers for the following:

1. Healing of my kidneys and restoration of the kidney function
2. Healing of my son's kidneys
3. Salvation of John Daley
4. Restoration of the family/stopping the divorce.

Thank you.