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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Financial miracle and blessing soonAnonymous002-04-2018
Please pray that I get an economic miracle soon and find a new job very soon. Pray for a blessed year and good days to come. Pray for a trip to Israel this coming summer. I do need some miracles when I visit Israel. Especially I need to get free of debt in Jesus name. Hopefully Jesus will answer very soon. Pray that he will bless my economy with miracles very soon .Pray for my family and friends. Pray in Jesus name and he will hear us from heaven. Pray that he will send his blessing to me these days to come. We pray that he will answer our needs in life. Everything is under his control. He takes care of his children. Thanks to everyone that pray for me. I am ever grateful for that. I will pray that God bless your life in many ways. He will open a door for me and I need to hear from him very soon. He listens to our heart. Thanks and God bless you so much.
Prayer for HealingCraig Chin002-03-2018
Please pray for my daughter who is autistic and is struggling to learn how to talk,please pray for her healing

God Bless and thank you
Salvation and deliverance Rupa Charles102-01-2018
Hello pastor, I'm a young woman from India stuck in an unequally yoked miserable marriage to a verbally, emotionally abusive and angry man who is born in a christian family but is unsaved.my husband and inlaws are extremely greedy, abusive,disrespectful and literally worship mammon and not god...I feel hopelessly trapped.but I love my husband and want to see him saved...also I'm worried about my 1year old daughter.. please pray for my husband and inlaws salvation and deliverance from greed and worldliness and deception
My mother in law is a very wicked narcissistic woman who controls and manipulates my husband and constantly poisons his mind against me and my family..kindly pray for her deliverance ..I found out that she is a Jezebel and leviathan afflicted woman..my husband also exhibits same kind of behaviour..it’s running in their family
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Healing - Spine (Neck Area)Anonymous001-29-2018
Thank you for praying for the sick. I would like you to pray for my spine to be straightened out in the neck area where I have a hump after Cushing's Disease. Thank you so much. Kind Regards, Penny.
Re: For Healing.Nadeem Nadeem001-29-2018
Dear Venerable Sir or Madam.
I would like to request you pls remember my loving mother in your everyday payers, her good name is Mrs, Haleema Shaukat. Who is suffering cancer disease. She is in ICU. She is believer of Jesus Christ with her true faith. Being her son I make a deeply request all of you kindly pray for her good health, May the almighty Lord of God heal her by his loving son JESUS CHRIST. Also prayer for those who are facing any kinds of disease.
God bless you.
In Christ Your Brother,
From Pakistan.
For a jobAnonymous001-26-2018
To get the job in the desired airline even if there is no vacancies I am sure Jesus with his precious blood will surely make a way and be healed from my stammering.
PrayerKenneth Wilson001-25-2018
Pray for Israel. Pray for my family. Pray for my mother and my father. Pray for my older sister and her husband, pray for her two daughters and three sons. Pray for my little sister and her friend. Prayer for my brother for deliverance for any addiction and salvation and his girlfriend also his two baby sons. Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better pray that we won't break apart. Pray for her whole family for deliverance and salvation. Pray for a two co-workers for comfort and strength for their loss of their mother and grandmother. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world and the churches also pray for the persecuted church in Africa. Pray for revival. Pray for a neighbor and her family. Pray for my co-worker’s brother for healing in his body and for those who are sick. Pray for the teenagers and the children in all the communities for deliverance and salvation. Pray for my co-workers and pray for myself
Financial CrisisDAN P001-25-2018
This is a repeat need....Miracle prayer needed please for the Lord to very quickly and fully provide funds for medical needs, past due bills, a working vehicle, and a new career of His choosing where my talents can be used. A miracle is needed. thank you and God bless you.
Financial prosperityNatalie Van Rensburg gives001-24-2018
Please pray that God's consuming fire burns away every phyton and deadly snakes from me, Ramsey , Freddy , Daneel van Rensburg souls, financial prosperity , businesses , contracts , jobs, housing , bank account , lives roof now in Jesus Name . Please pray that God's consuming fire burns away every phyton and deadly snakes from Daneel van Rensburg's R100000 now in Jesus Name.