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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing for Woodrow Anonymous109-22-2017
Please pray for Woodrow he has lung cancer and his white blood count is very low please pray it comes up soon before it's too late
Jesus Don't Pass Me By Anonymous109-22-2017
Prayer for Anna Taylor health and all her test come back good.deliver her from that coughing she had pneumonia several months back and cant get rid of the cough. But God the great I am healer might clouds of joy I late my request trouble at your feet.
Prayer for MercyElla T.109-21-2017
Dear Friends and Prayers Warriors, Giving praise, honor and Glory to our
Heavenly Father who loves us all. Thank you for your prayers and
support. Please pray for healing, protection, provisions, restoration and peace. Have you ever made a mistake?
Have you ever had a child that was ill and you’ve felt helpless? Have you ever had to deal with an addiction, yours or someone else's?
Have you ever had to worry about your finances, how you would get your next meal, pay your bills, or had to fine shelter?
Have you ever had a parent that was very disappointed in you to the point that they hardly speak? Have you ever been where your
family and friends shy away from you? Have you ever just hurt inside, and the pain never seems to go away?
Have you ever...??? I know I’m not alone. Please pray for us. Please pray for healing for Michael Jr.
Latonya, Sonserya, Jennifer, Dorothy, Ella, Latoya, Melissa, Jessie, Bettye, Latoya,
Ethel, Samantha. I behold the goodness of God in our lives and circumstances
we are facing. Thank you for your love in Jesus name Amen
GeneralSam Lamonica009-19-2017
-switching Colleges
-Enlisting in the Military
-Wanting a woman name trina back into my life knowing that I'm living for Christ
-A new car
- peace and joy
-financial stability
-Help with school
HealingGrace Makombe309-14-2017
Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga,Lord please touch my mother from head to.toe,Lord im pleading with you to heal my mothers headaches heal it in jesus name,Lord please remove every pain,every infection,every sickness every disease Remove it from my mothers body,God please heal my mother please heal my mother,lord please grant my mother good health and strenght in jesus name
Financial HelpPriscilla Azavedo209-13-2017
I am in financial mess. the banks are filing a case against. I have so much of debts to pay off. Jesus, i pray for a miracle to relieve me from this burden. I promise to handle my finances with care. I beg you Jesus, help me come out of this mess. My relation with my family, friends and colleagues have been effected. Please help me JESUS. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus, Alleluia Alleluia
Prayer for my motherP.Vidhya D/o p. rukmani perumal209-13-2017
My mother has swallowing food difficulty from last month. dr said some irritation (wound) happened in food path. medicine we are giving. still she is fining difficult to swallow solid or semi solid. due to less energy she is weak. again we met dr. dr says after test some growth is there in throat.dr suspects something wrong. test report seeing that he will advise dr said. I the daughter of holyspirit praying with faith in jesus she is healed. I pray by the blood of jesus if anything is there, that will disappear in the name of jesus, and reflect nil in the test report. our lord holyspirit do miracle test report for her. I pray continuously with full faith of blood of jesus. I request you to continue to pray for her good health and protection in the blood of jesus to live victorious life as a testimony.