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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing my bodyBeth S005-23-2018
I am a breast cancer survivor (praise God). However my liver enzymes are high and docs are very concerned, which has me scared, anxious and mad. Please pray that I am indeed cancer free, my liver enzymes go down and I have good health.
prayer for healingAnonymous105-23-2018
A 11y/0 boy name is John Yuri Ortega, from bulacan Philippines. He is now in the icu hospital. suffered stroke due to blood cloth in the brain. pls pray for his past recovery and complete healing. thanks. God bless more
HealingLinda Fisher005-23-2018
Female organs-bleeding will stop and cells , tissue and organs be restored.
Various (Employment, breakthroughs)Anonymous005-23-2018
I need God to open a door of employment for me in "Volume Rebates" (my field of study). I am living off my savings and really need a job soon.
I need a breakthrough in not being easily provoked (to anger or offense), but to do like Jesus and trust God and not answer a word. Essentially to trust God in all relationship difficulties or to not be too sensitive. God often offended the mind to reveal the heart. I find when I am provoked in such a way I react instead of responding correctly when falsely accused or due to injustice.
I need a breakthrough with my emotions. I have been having random "crying episodes" linked with PMS etc... and spiritual oppression. I can be fine one minute and crying for no reason the next. I would like to be free from this.
I am believing God to help me rise up to a higher level of respect of authority and submission. To "not touch God's anointed".
I need God to heal my heart from a recent ended engagement and enable me to be restored to my church family where my former fiancee attends and be free in my heart to serve the Lord there without any attachment, unforgiveness, bitterness or hurt in my heart towards him. I need all soul ties broken etc....
For growth in my character.
To be able to "give up my Isaac" (former fiancee) to the Lord and trust that His will will be done in my desire for a marriage partner.
For peace in my heart to trust the Lord in all my difficult circumstances.
For growth in learning when to speak, when to refrain from speaking, to avoid wrong conversation etc...
healing for Steve HowardAnonymous005-21-2018
Thank you for your prayers for Steve Howard who lives in the Denver area. I was a co-worker of Steves and a friend of he and his wife many years ago. I just found out that he is sick.

Steve was diagnosed with MDS - myelodysplastic Syndrome a type of blood cancer. Could turn into leukemia. His wife had cancer a few years ago and has recovered. Demons at work here.
I am new to Curry Blakes teaching and am very grateful for your prayers, joining mine in healing Steve. Praise God for Steve's full recovery and excellent health! Thank you!
Heal my momAnonymous005-20-2018
Pray for healing for my mom, Patricia, who suffered a stroke on May 8, 2018. She currently has right side weakness is unable to walk and has trouble with her speech.
healingjoseph starr005-20-2018
pray that i am healed from parksinsons
Healing, Body, Mind and Spiritkimberly McDonald205-15-2018
Dear Heavenly Father, Nick and Kimberly need Physical healing as well as inner physical healing. thank you In The Name Of Jesus
Praying for my familyShera Saw105-15-2018
Thank you for praying together with me. Please help me pray to Lord to heal my Daddy and to heal my Mummy right now. Please help me pray to Lord that my Daddy will not scratch his skin for so many times. Please help me pray to Lord that my Dad is not getting any diseases. Please help me pray to Lord to remove all cancer cells inside my Mummy's body right now. Please help me pray to Lord to let my Daddy and my Mummy to regain their good health. Please help me pray to Lord to bless my Daddy and my Mummy with long healthy life. Please help me pray to Lord to bless my Daddy and my Mummy will be in good health. I still want to bring my Daddy and my Mummy to go to many different countries to travel. I want to see my Daddy and my Mummy will be in good health everyday. Thank you for praying together with me. Thank you Lord. Amen.
Creative MiraclesJim Daniel005-14-2018
* I humbly request You to Pray for my Creative Healing Miracles in my Body as I wish. Please also Pray for my Victory towards Ware fare.