The John G. Lake Healing Rooms were originally started in 1914 when Dr.Lake began teaching on the subject of Divine Healing in a local church in Spokane, Washington. Dr. Lake rented a group of rooms in the Rookery Building that he converted into Lake’s Healing Rooms.

He began praying for the sick on a daily basis and soon became so overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of those coming for healing that he was forced to train others in what he called The Science of Divine Healing. The people he trained were of various ages and were both men and women. They were taken through a series of lectures on divine healing that were designed to impart faith and knowledge to bring healing to the sick. The group of men and women that Lake trained were called Divine Healing Technicians. These technicians were trained daily by both teaching and hands-on practical application.

Upon completion of the training, they were given the name of a terminally ill patient and were told to go to them and stay with them, ministering to them until they were healed. If they were not able to get the person healed, they were not to return to the Healing Rooms to continue in ministry. Dr. Lake had an ability to impart faith into his hearers. He did this by teaching what he knew to be true from the Word of God concerning divine healing and the authority of the believer.

Dr. Lake continued ministering in Spokane until 1920. From 1915 until 1920 the team of 16 Divine Healing Technicians and Dr. Lake recorded over 100,000 healings. Dr. Lake left Spokane in May of 1920 to go to Portland, Oregon to begin a duplicate work there. When Lake left Spokane, the Healing Rooms there ceased operating. When Dr. Lake returned to Spokane in 1931, he found that the work he had started no longer existed. He set about to re-establish a church and the healing rooms.

Dr. Lake passed away in 1935 and the Healing Rooms never opened again. The original building that housed the Healing Rooms burned and a new building, bearing the same name and address was built on the same site. Dr. Lake never set foot in the new building.

In 1995 Rev. Curry Blake, General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries, began plans to go to Spokane and re-open the Healing Rooms but was informed that the original building no longer existed. After a time of intense prayer and seeking the will of God, the Lord spoke and said not to
focus on buildings and shrines but to carry the Spirit of the ministry. In 1999, what is now called Healing Rooms Ministries opened in the new building. Healing Rooms Ministries at Spokane are NOT affiliated with John G. Lake Ministries nor are the teachings the same.

A few years ago, while teaching a Divine Healing Technician Training School in Harrisburg, PA., Rev. Blake spoke prophetically that the current Rookery Building would not be allowed to stand. Within two weeks, an earthquake hit Spokane, it was the first earthquake there in 75 years. The ONLY building condemned and “not allowed to stand” was the current Rookery Building.