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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing Charles Whitley 009-23-2018
Healing for bladder and prostate
Healing Of Marjo HDee Jolie009-23-2018
To Heal My Sista Marjo H of the aneurysm she had on Sept 20th, 2018. Lord Jesus Heal Marjo from the top of her head to the soles of her feet and everything in-between. In Jesus' Name AMEN!!!
healing prayer request for 5 year old niece with brain tumor Anonymous009-22-2018
Please would you pray for my Niece she just turned 5 years old, and two days ago was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. It is called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) Diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas (DIPG) a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain. The doctors have said it is inoperable and we are all devastated. We also lost both our parents back to back in the past few years, and now received this devastating news for my niece, her name is Ariella and we asking for prayer for complete healing and deliverance for her, we know God can heal her, my sister and her husband are so devastated we still trying to get through the losses of my parents and now we are dealing with this, we have been going through unbelieveable heartache for years, first my dad had cancer and had treatement in 2014, he died in 2015, my mom died in 2016 and in 2017 my husband had an affair and i am very depressed about all of this, and now we heard about my niece Ariella having this attack of the tumor on her brain, they say it is terminal. I beg for prayer for all this heart ache and pain to stop for her healing please we need God's help. I know God can heal her, we desperate please pray for her, please pray for 5-year old Ariella for God to destroy and remove the tumor out of her brain where the Doctors say they cannot operate, pray for Jesus to heal her for her healing in Jesus name thank you so much, also please pray for my parents house to sell we also battling with that, it's been severe heartache over the last few years and we cannot handle this anymore, please pray for my family and especially for Ariella to be healed in Jesus name
CHRONDOMALATIO PATELLAE at both MY kneesJasmina Jevti?109-22-2018
Chrondomalatio patellae at both knees. Destroyed cartilage at both knees. I have strong pain.
Six years already. Help! Thank you.
Healing/ recovery Anonymous109-21-2018
Lord I my heart been real heavy day by day I get up thank you even though the guy I’m in love with frichemy lapointe doesn’t want to cooperate with me to become one I love him more than anything but it’s time for me to be able leave the past from hurting crying sadness depressed not happy the disrespect everything above I’m just tired of constantly getting hurt cheated feel I was never worth anything lord forgive me & him May the lord protect tyesha and frichemy lapointe I prayed one day God send me a wonderful faithful friend man
RE: Streams of incomeSherry Tate109-21-2018
Please agree with me for healing in my finances where the spirit of lack is uprooted and streams of manifestations will come forth to enhance the refreshing spirit that our Lord sends. No more lack. We call forth favor that brings forth abundance in my finances
May God keep my kidneys and other internal organs alive and functional.Wash off all impurities in my kidney and organs.Keep me away from untimely death and life of sickness,clothe me with good health,long life and salvation.Please Brethren pray for me.
HEALING Anonymous109-21-2018
My father may be getting a SERIOUS diagnosis tomorrow, please pray for him to be healed.
Without complications.
Also, my mom has Alzheimer's.
Please pray for her as well.
And I NEED a financial breakthrough.
Thank you.
Healing Shenika Valladares 109-20-2018
Kindly please pray for me I am having pain in my ribs
My son good healthJoseph Alexander 109-19-2018
Dear Lord let your Blood run through my son brain and heal his seizure