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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Suffering from Arthritis of the spineAnonymous108-02-2018
I am suffering from arthritis of the spine. I have not gone to work for the past 2 months. I am suffering from the disease as well as the stress of if I might loose my job. I have to look after my family. Please pray for my healing. I am desperate.
Fast and effective love spell Helena Robs107-31-2018

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Prayer for a broken heartJose Iglesias207-31-2018

I just came across your website and saw that you accept prayer requests. I have seen others receive healings and creative miracles during Christian conferences but I am much to shy to ask a stranger to pray for me in person. The prayer request I have has to do with something that has been a source of much anxiety and depression for me for the past 31 years. I am a 46 year old man and my hair became thin at the tender age of only 15 years old. Later on in life I was told the scientific name for this is diffused thinning hair where your hair on your scalp appears thin all over your scalp. I am not sure why this happened to me at such a young age but I remember hearing negative comments about my hair starting at the tender age of only 15 years old. This was also the start of a painful lesson of how cruel people could be. This has been a huge source of depression and anxiety and stress that has persisted for decades. I have tried every potion. vitamin, etc to regrow and thicken my hair but with no luck. I even tried minoxidil many years ago and that stuff made my hair fall out. This added to my anxiety. I have even resorted to surgeries on my scalp but this left my scalp scarred and actually caused permanent hair loss on a portion of my scalp. As you can see my life has not been an easy one and has actually made me question if God loves me or if this is some kind of generational curse. This has put a massive strain on my relationships with others and especially on my love life. I have heard of certain ministries and certain people that have the gift of healing and creative miracles. I even went to a conference twice where the minister is known for healings and creative miracles but I did not experience anything from just being there and I am way to shy to have someone pray for me concerning my situation. I hope you can understand my situation and how much sadness and depression it has caused me. People get upset about getting a bad haircut but I can assure that having your hair become thin at a young age like what happened to me has been a nightmare. Luckily I have developed a relationship with God and Jesus Christ through the years that has given me emotional strength but quite honestly because all of the confusion and anxiety my thin hair has caused me, this seems to me to be demonic oppression. Especially the fact that my hair became thin at the age of only 15 years old and that is not normal. I ask you to please pray for me to reverse this situation. My heart is broken over this and I deserve to be happy. Please pray for me so that the scars on my head from the hair transplant surgeries I have had are removed and please pray for me so that my hair can finally grow back so that I may have a full normal head of hair where it is not thin all over my scalp. I need a healing and creative miracle. Thanks for reading my prayer request and I look forward to your response.

Best regards,
pray for my sister evet healing from sciatic nerve pain she was struck w tue nite 7/22/18 in her right hip all the way down her leg its sun 7/30/18 and she in bed eat aloe vera gel not working she was told that if she doesn walk it will gdt worse she try to walk bht nerve pain hits her rt leg and she cannot stand up she not work she has no insurance

JobSunil Kumar107-27-2018
I have only lost in life. Nothing seems to favour me coz am not lucky. Whatever I wished to have in life has always been taken away. Please don't let this happen. I need a good job as soon as possible so that I don't rely on anyone. Please help me become infependsnt. I need a job. But my luck is not with me.
HeartMichel Dozois207-25-2018
I was advise from the hospital i have a irregular heartbeat and breathing problem and possible bloodcloth
Healing of eyesAnonymous207-24-2018
Please pray for me as i go for medical checks
Healing from a strokeJames Miller 107-24-2018
Please Lord God Remove the stroke in Jim's brain that will allow him to walk again talk again think again use the restroom on his own again and return back to work again. This I pray to you in Jesus name amen and amen
Prayer for healing Anonymous107-24-2018
I ask that anyone to pray for my healing . I found out I had Herpes HSV2 and everyday has been a struggle but I’m continuing to pray and asking anyone else to pray for me . God is very merciful and forgives when many others walk away . I’ve asked God & Jesus Christ to heal my body of this disease and to clean my blood . I know the lord will bring mercy on me & heal me of this disease . I put my faith in the lords hands as I continue to pray that the lord brings peace me to as to others . My God is glorious! Thank you , Amen !
Deliverance PrayerAnonymous207-22-2018
deliverance from addiction to sex, homosexuality and drugs. I wake up every night 4/6 xs/ night dreaming of having intercourse, masterbation, lusting and drugs. I have physically stopped doing all these acts about four months ago. I am being tormented as I can't get these thoughts out of my head. I strongly rebuke these things in Jesus's name every day and night and I am still plagued with the disgusting dreams and thoughts.
Please help.