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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Healing & deliverance Anonymous206-11-2018
Please pray for me for healing in my body from migraine headaches, joint pains, back pain and stomach pain. Please pray for my deliverance and God healing touch on my body from this demonic oppression. Thank you. God bless.
healing femular neck fractureron castillo006-09-2018
for my mother who are suffering pain,for the past 2months she can only sit and stand due to fracture injury.we don't have the money to go to orthopedic she's natty castillo 68 yrs old,got a fracture below her right pelvic from accident.bones was intact just the femular neck please pray for my mother we are only two living together ,for the past 2months or so i m dealing with it,its tough for me i only sleep few hours .thank you for your prayer .i never lost my faith in GOD in JESUS name
to save my daughter is admitted in ICU.BALACHANDAR MUNISAMY106-08-2018
My daughter is affected by SLE and GBS disease and she is admitted in ICU at jipmer hospital, pondicherry. Still now no one antibiotics supports her lastly doctors tried one antibiotic (they couldnt confirm it like it will cure or no).they asked us to pray. we are praying and also requesting you to pray for my daughter last one month she is in ICU and last three days she is unconscious. please pray for my daughter please.
Prayer for a sick friend Anonymous106-08-2018
My friend Arun has been suffering since three weeks he went to several doctors but they\'re not able to diagnose his illness.Please pray for him so that God will heal him soon.
Gabryella\Gabryella Ashe106-07-2018
Asking for agreement for the complete manifestion of my granddaughter\'s, Gabryella, healing and miracle. She has been delivered and set free from spina bifida, bent back, displaced hips, shunt, spazmatic bladder, slow bowels, bilateral club feet, shunt, no movement or feeling from the knee down, ADHD. These are only man\"s terms. God calls them gone and that she is the healed. Thank you for joining with us in praising God and thanking Jesus for his testimony and ministry though her. Amen!!!! In Jesus Name!!!!!!
healing for Mom and DadAnonymous106-07-2018
Mom has lung cancer and my Dad has bullous pemphigoid. 2 to 3" blisters on the palms and other places on body.
Prayer for healing my hyperthyroidism Anonymous106-06-2018
Please pray for me, since 2 year I am suffering from hyperthyroidism, it's eating me up, please pray for, now I have pain, am worried and stressed, please help me please, it's a humble request, please help me, pray for me.
Restore My RelationshipAnonymous006-04-2018
I would like my relationship with the man I'm in love with to be restored. I've known him for 11 years now and I would love for us to be together forever. And as long as him and I keep God first in our lives and relationship, it will work out. And I don't know if he's in some type of trouble or not, but a law firm called about him and said that they were going to turn the information that they have in his name and social security number over to the police, I'm just would like prayers that that situation goes away without him being in any type of trouble with the law. (I'll email you all his name)
Healing/financial miracleAnonymous006-04-2018
Please pray for me, my left breast is extremely bigger than my right breast so I'm just asking for prayers that it's not Cancer and I will be healed and bring it back to its original size. I've been scammed out of so much money trying to find a weekly paying work from home job, I'm just asking for prayers that I will find something paying weekly and a financial miracle to start me off with this week. Please pray for me.
Healing for throat refluxAnonymous006-03-2018
Kindly pray for my throat problem. Having pain in left side if throat and tongue. Kindly pray nothing serious problem to develope in throat or mouth. Am a non alcoholic non smoker do not chew tobacco.