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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
prayer for healing back painAnonymous005-30-2018
Prayer for healing back pain
Please pray for my elderly motherAnonymous005-29-2018
My 89 yr old mother is in the hospital suffering with sudden onset severe delirium possibly brought on by a bloodstream infection. She is miserable and talking crazy and seeing things. Please pray for healing. We look forward to updating you all soon, with news of mom's healing. In God's Love for deliverance and healing, we thank you! Blessings
Pray that my grandpa is healed. Pray for his cancer and pray that he lives longer.
Friendship Joy Martin005-28-2018
God please answer my prayers. I do love my friend Alexa and our friendship???. Please have us meet so I can give her a hug ? please Lord. Help me wait on you. I believe it will happen on your time????
Husband to emerge and contact me from where he is hiding Luiza Menezes005-27-2018
Kenneth Rose Fernandes, Australia has abandoned me in India after marrying me. The priests of a retreat centre in mumbai know him and have asked me to write to him to meet them which I did but I am blocked. Please pray that Kenneth emerges and contacts me. God Bless
Healing for David RoyDavid Roy005-26-2018
Dear Mr. Blake please pray for a complete healing for my right eye. I have a surgerys for reattaching a retina. I want both of my eyes recreated and made whole with better than 20 20 vision in both. Also a front tooth on my lower jaw broke off at the gum line. I am now experiencing pain at the base of the tooth. I would like a creative miracle to restore the tooth and get rid of all swelling and pain now in Jesus name please. Thank you.
HealingMary Carter005-24-2018
Hi I asking for prayers for healing in my stomach I have high blood pressure and acid reflux
Happiness in my life Anonymous005-24-2018
I love a girl so much since one year and we were talking each other since last ten months. Some of her friends are creating dispute between us and diverting her mind. Whatever they say she blindly does. I want to live with her forever. Pray for her so that she will understand my love and come back to me forever and never blindly believe her friends again. Pray for me so that we will live together happily.
Healing my bodyBeth S005-23-2018
I am a breast cancer survivor (praise God). However my liver enzymes are high and docs are very concerned, which has me scared, anxious and mad. Please pray that I am indeed cancer free, my liver enzymes go down and I have good health.
prayer for healingAnonymous105-23-2018
A 11y/0 boy name is John Yuri Ortega, from bulacan Philippines. He is now in the icu hospital. suffered stroke due to blood cloth in the brain. pls pray for his past recovery and complete healing. thanks. God bless more